Associated Partners

The activities of Moka are performed in tight collaboration with a number of world-class partners and associates with whom we share knowledge, expertise and vision of the global economy. Following are a few of those partners:

Program and Construction Management

Lemley International's experienced staff is well-versed in maintaining standards of quality construction work and the ancillary activities of each project, tracking all aspects involved. Lemley International keeps a close eye on the organization, direction and progress of each project with proactive monitoring systems that can identify existing and potential problems. When one arises, Lemley International provides recommendations and assistance for resolving it. This oversight assistance can be applied at any level to accurately determine project status. As national and international project managers, Lemley International has successfully managed mega-projects of the most complex magnitudes over the last few decades. Their experience and regiment of tools makes their team uniquely qualified to work on and increase efficiency with virtually any size or type of project.

Services include:
_ Project Controls/Scheduling
_ Constructability Reviews
_ Evaluation of Schedule
_ Oversight and Reviewing Daily Construction Activities
_ Cost Estimate Validation and Review

Lemley International's extensive experience with constructability reviews includes, but is not limited to:
_ Tunnels
_ Hydro electrical
_ Rail
_ Nuclear
_ Airports
_ Education
_ Transit
_ Institutional, commercial, and governmental buildings
_ Mining
_ Marine
_ Harbors

Services & Capabilities

DBM Global Services is a division of DBM Contractors, Inc.

DBM Contractors, Inc., is an industry leader in heavy civil and specialty geotechnical design and construction. Since the early 1960's the company has earned a reputation for performing difficult and diverse design/build projects on highway systems, as well as commercial and industrial projects throughout the western United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. DBM's diversity allows the company to work on projects of every imaginable size and scope for both public agencies and private enterprise.

Established in 2009, DBM Global Services was initially created to help expand the core activities of DBM Contractors, Inc., both domestically and internationally, taking advantage of a multitude of opportunities that the company can leverage based on its 60-year history of success and professionalism.

The key roles of DBM Global Services include:
_ Developing and expanding DBM Contractors' core construction activities by developing incremental business in key international markets that are experiencing strong economic growth, despite the worldwide recession. Such markets include in Canada, China, S.E. and South Asia, the Middle East and South America;
_ Supporting and helping expand DBM's Merger & Acquisition (M&A) program, by introducing opportunities, researching and conducting due diligence on behalf of DBM management to acquire, merge or joint venture with appropriate companies and/or partners, whose product lines or service offerings will strengthen and diversify the DBM portfolio;
_ Assisting in the development and expansion of DBM's core activities by assisting DBM's regional offices and specialty product groups with the development of incremental business initially in western states such as Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and California; as well as other parts of the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii;
_ Seeking, qualifying and attracting companies in the construction industry as well as complementary industries that DBM can represent in overseas markets, and at the same time, seek opportunities to represent foreign companies and/or organizations in the US; and
_ Promoting and strengthening the DBM brand through a planned PR/corporate communications program, in local, national and international markets

DBM Global Services - Business Units

DBM Global Services is structured in seven key business units that maximize the services and capabilities of the division itself. In each business unit, DBM Global Services represents particular companies in both the US and abroad.

These include:
_ Construction
_ Security/Military
_ Aviation/Aerospace
_ High Technology
_ Property Development/Real Estate
_ PR/Corporate Communications
_ Special Projects

Given its extensive network of contacts and affiliates throughout the US and the world, DBM Global Services is effectively positioned to assist your company or organization in entering domestic and international markets thus serving as a new-to-market consultant and/or corporate representative as well as a resource to access national and foreign buying authorities, product and service providers and sales/distribution channels.
For more information regarding how DBM Global Services can be of assistance, please contact

DBM Global Services PDF Brochure

Helios Petroleum, Inc. Helios Petroleum, Inc. is an independent company established for the acquisition, construction and development of the mini-refineries on the territories of Russian federation (RF) and other FSU countries and production and sale of oil products. At the inital stage the company's operations are primarily focused on the gasoline, diesel and furnace fuels in the rural areas of the RF, starting with the first mini-refinery in the town of Chaplyginm Lipetsk region (oblast) with projected capacity of processing 700,000 tons (4.9 million barrels) of oil per annum.

Helios Petrolium is in a process of going public through reverse take over with an existing shell company, listed on NASDAQ OTC BB.
We conduct our operations in Russia through a 100%-owned subsidiary, TEK Ranenburg, LLC, a limited liability company organized under teh laws of Russia.

MB International SARL MB International specializes in the development of financial models and the application of analytical cash flow evaluation techniques to the planning and implementation of real estate development programs, corporate real estate and related investments.

Through an established network of partnerships and contract associations, MB International is affiliated with independent professional service providers and companies in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa specialized in complementary areas of real estate development, architecture and urban planning, capital markets, finance, operations planning and management. This network provides the ability to create special purpose teams of skilled professionals tailored to clients' specialized or particular requirements in international markets.

The objectives of MB International are to assist owners and investors in real estate property and financial transactions to evaluate and organize solutions for land holdings and provide management planning required for financing and investment funding in a wide variety of applications. These include the planning and organization of single asset and portfolio investments by individual and institutional investors, as well as product offerings by banks and financial institutions. The result is a strongly analytic professionalism applied to traditional and new markets, introducing modem and innovative forms of real estate financial evaluation and investment planning to identify and dimension risks for practical implementation.

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